Radioactive Waste Management and Nuclear Facility Decommissioning


Since 2006, the clearance and characterization technical services have been provided for more than 20 nuclear power plants at home and abroad, being in a leading position domestically and having established complete methods and procedures of sampling, measurement, classification, disintegration and sorting with special equipment. 

Radioactive Materials Clearance Service

Since 2006, the clearance and characterization technical services have been provided for more than 20 nuclear power plants at home and abroad, being in a leading position domestically and having established complete methods and procedures of sampling, measurement, classification, disintegration and sorting with special equipment.

40-1 Radioactive Materials Clearance

Performance Test of Cemented Waste Form

With the most comprehensive cemented waste form performance testing & assessment platform and capabilities within China, CIRP has developed a number of special equipment for sample preparation, pretreatment and performance testing. CIRP has undertaken more than 95% of the cement solidification performance testing and assessment assignments of domestic nuclear power TES system, as well as similar projects of NUKEM in Germany, AVERA in France and Karachi NPP in Pakistan.

Radioactive Gas Purification
CIRP provides product series of iodine adsorber (type I, II, and III, reusable folding iodine adsorber and impregnated activated carbon), HEPA filters, and inert gas delay bed system, the supply percentage of type I folding iodine adsorber and impregnated activated carbon achieved 100% domestically, and 100% of commissioning test and regular test for the performance assessment of the air purification system at nuclear facilities are undertaken by CIRP. Furthermore, CIRP is the only institution in China that can evaluate the performance of HEPA filters and iodine adsorber in nuclear ventilation systems with different methods.

41 Radioactive Gas Purification


Radioactive Waste Incineration
CIRP is able to provide full-process technical services such as incineration products research and development, design, equipment supply, on-site installation and commissioning, technical upgrading and transformation. The main product line covers radioactive waste pyrolysis incinerators, compact incinerators, mobile/vehicle incinerators, and related pretreatment and high-temperature exhaust gas purification devices, being capable of meeting the radioactive waste incineration treatment requirements in different fields and environments.

42-1 Radioactive Waste Incineration

42-2 Radioactive Waste Incineration


Radioactive Water Treatment

CIRP has formed a complete system covering design, R&D, production, testing and technical services of water filters and cartridges applied to NPPs, which is domestically leading and internationally advanced. Product types meet the needs of both pressurized water reactor and heavy water reactor, with filter fineness ranging from 0.1 to 100 μm. 

The water filter and cartridge series independently developed by CIRP is the only product with on-site practical application in China. Since 2020, multiple batches of filter elements have been supplied to Ningde, Fuqing, Haiyang, Sanmen and other nuclear power plants, which not only reduced the operating costs of NPPs, but also achieved excellent on-site application results.

43-1  water filter

43-2 Inorganic ion exchanger

43-3  wastewater treatment


Spent Radioactive Source Conditioning

The spent radioactive source conditioning technology refers to withdrawing spent radioactive sources temporarily stored at the user site from the original container, with spent radioactive source conditioning device, and encapsulating multiple spent radioactive sources in one or several packaging tubes, which are subject to containment in thin-walled stainless steel container, and this container is to be encased in long-term storage container to finalize the process of safe storage / disposal. CIRP is competent in the design, construction and operation of waste radioactive source conditioning equipment and is able to undertake maintenance operations and technical training services.

44-1 Spent radioactive source conditioning

Radioactive Waste Oil Purification Treatment

The radioactive waste oil treatment technology is characterized with simple process, safe operation and reduced volume. The supporting treatment device is compact in size and movable, which can be directly applied to the treatment of radioactive waste oil produced by nuclear facilities. The total activity concentration of γ in waste oil is less than 0.1 Bq/g. With the designed capacity of 200 L/batch, the radioactive waste oil treatment device has been operating stably for more than 1,500 hours at the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant with accumulated of 5,000L waste oil being treated. The combined treatment method of oxidation aging and circulating filtration used in waste oil treatment can also be used for the treatment of waste organic solvents (bolt cleaning detergent) and other waste organic phases.


44-2 Radioactive Waste Oil Purification Treatment

Wet Oxidation of Spent Resin

CIRP can provide wet oxidation system of spent resin, which is suitable for treating various types of anion resins, cation resins and mixed resins. The overall area needed for the system is less than 40 square meters. After the waste liquid and residue are all solidified, the comprehensive reduction ratio of spent resin will be 1.5-3. The treatment capacity of each batch can be up to 10kg with decomposition rate of spent resin greater than 99%. It has undergone the hot test at Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant.

45-1 Wet Oxidation of Spent Resin

Special Radioactive Waste Treatment

CIRP possesses a multitude of special waste treatment technologies for treatment of waste organic solvents, waste molecular sieves, waste metals and waste TBP/OK, and has developed mobile and modular treatment equipment such as infrared heating barrel drying unit for concentrated liquid, conical stirring drying unit for spent resin, microwave barrel drying unit for wet solid waste and inorganic treatment equipment for difficult waste organic solvents, being able to provide technical services, complete sets of equipment and technical support. CIRP has undertaken multiple technical service tasks for special waste treatment at domestic nuclear facilities.

45-2 Special Radioactive Waste Treatment


Research on Waste Disposal Safety Assessment Technology

As a member of the Key Laboratory of Assessment Technology for Geological Disposal of High-level Radioactive Waste of CNNC, CIRP is in a position to provide experimental research and numerical simulation research-based radioactive waste geological disposal site selection, low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste near-surface disposal safety assessment and radioactive waste geological disposal safety assessment services. The research output of Key Technologies for Safety Assessment of Beishan Pre-siting Area for Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Wastes is rated as aligning to the international advanced level.



Evaluation of Irradiation Aging Properties of Materials

Gamma irradiation aging tests with different dose rates and accumulated doses can be carried out on polymer materials, metal, ceramic and composite materials, etc., and the gas composition, defects, microstructures, phase composition, thermodynamic properties and mechanical properties generated after the material being irradiated can be tested and evaluated.



CIRP is qualified for environmental assessment and safety analysis on nuclear facility decommissioning, with rich experiences in nuclear facilities decommissioning and integrated decommissioning technical capacities such as source term investigation, radioactive decontamination, disintegration, waste management and environmental remediation. CIRP has completed the decommissioning of the first domestic nuclear facility and the decommissioning of the only radium product plant in China, among others.

47 Decommissioning Scene


Through technology introduction and independent R&D, CIRP has mastered radioactive decontamination technologies with gel, foam, electrochemistry, machinery, dry ice and ultrasound, being able to provide various decontamination technologies and related products for operation and decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

48-1 Chemical Decontaminant

48-2 Decontamination Device







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